Our work with animals and animal farming has began at 1992. Firstly, we started raising fallow deer.

After a few years of successful breeding, we introduced red deer to our herd ─ we bought them from the best farmers from different parts of Europe, such as Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and England

A genetic potential allowed us to mix different lines, which is rather rare in Europe. Therefore, our herd is unique. It is intended for people interested in farming deer with large antlers. Farms of this type generate much greater profit than the ones offering livestock for slaughter. Our herd at the moment consist of around 1000 breeding animals.

With time, red deer supplanted fallow deer in our farm. However, we still keep a small herd at our farm for sentimental reasons.

Our main aim is to breed deer with big antlers, so we decided to inseminate a does to get the best quality genetic material. We are working on this goal already for years, cooperating with best farms in Europe.

Our deer are met with a lot of interest. We sell them mainly for breeding, in order to improve reproduction and the gene pool of wild animals, and to eco-farms for venison production and raising trophy animals.

Our deer go to farmers in Europe, Belarus, Russia ─ all of which have extensive experience in raising these animals.  You will have complete assurance that they deer you purchase will be certified, as acquiring animals thoroughly analyzed conducted selection, breeding work, veterinary control and origin of animals based on blood lines.

Examples of breeding animals can be found here: Certificate 

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